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What we do?

In simple words, we build websites. But that does not explain everything!! Is codetrio capable of building top notch user interface in their websites with HTML5, CSS3, javascript and ... (you ask for it)? We say YES. Is codetrio capable of developing e-commerce stores having 100s thousands of products? We say, we already have done it. Can codetrio make full responsive website that will be compatible with Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy tab, nexus? We say, why not? We are always ready to take ANY challange you have and try our best to meet your expectations.


Who we are?

We are bunch of passionate software engineers specialized in web development. Codetrio has been founded by Imranul Hoque, who has worked for different web development companies for 6+ years befor started codetrio. We now have a full team of Designer, Markup Engineer and Software Engineers which makes us a complete team to take a web based project from scratch to it’s completion.


How do we work?

Everything starts from the quotation request you send us via email or phone. We shall email you back in 24 hours asking for a detail requirement. If you already have a nice specification documented and we are happy with that, we will not bug you and give you a budget and timeline in 48 hours. If your specification is not well-documented and we feel to discuss you more, we can arrange a skype / phone chat to get a detail of the project. If both of us agree with the budget and timeline, we’ll start the design / layout of the application and send you mockups of the site. We will not start actual coding until you agree with the mockups. Once you agree with the design and layout, you cannot change it before the first version of the project is released. We consider only minor changes in development cycle but it is very limited in most of the cases. We will give you a development link of the project where you can see day to day updates of the project and can comment on bugs and other issues on our issue traking system. Finally when we both agree that the project is completed as per requirement and all the payments have been made, we will upload it to live server.

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We are always ready to solve your puzzles. Feel free to contact us.

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our clients

client image Joshuha Freedman
COO, SixSeconds

codetrio does excellent work — reasonable costs, easy communication, timely delivery, and ongoing support. codeTrio has become indispensible on numerous projects including our online shopping, wordpress blogs, intranet, and Facebook-integrated fundraising project. We’re a global not-for-profit based in California and we’ve used many developers over the years — CodeTrio is at the top. Highly recommended.